Submission FC Scams Customers… fakes products.

Written by Mike Hauben, Apr 5 2014

Mike is President of Fight Summit and has enjoyed the last many years learning how brands in the industry tick. He is an accomplished coach as well as business development expert.

Hemp has many great benefits over cotton – its stronger than cotton, better for the environment, and is antibacterial. Yet, only a few companies make hemp BJJ products – Lucky Gi, Datsusara, and Submission FC. Wait, sorry. Let me rephrase that. Lucky Gi and Datsusara ACTUALLY make hemp gis. Submission FC only pretends to.


You see, evidence has emerged lately proving that Submission FC, quite frankly, has been lying for some time about their hemp products. They got away with it for a while, until there was some kind of confrontation between Shakib Nassiri, President of Submission FC and Chris Odell, the owner of Datsusara – who is well known as the industry authority on hemp products. Chris recently had enough of customers being scammed, and rightfully so – if customers get a bad taste in their mouth about the hemp movement, then it directly makes things difficult for brands like Datsusara who really sell authentic hemp products. So, Chris released a video.


In the video, Chris goes at length proving the falsehood of Submission FC’s gis. He performs tests on the fake hemp gi, burning the fabric to show the difference between how hemp burns and cotton burns. All in all, he basically destroys the notion that Submission FC’s gis have any hemp at all. There was no response from Shakib to any of this.


It didnt stop there, though. Chris actually paid quite a bit of his own money to have lab tests on two of Submission FC’s products – their “hemp sensation” gi and also their “hemp” rashguard. Both tests have come back proving that each product has 0% hemp. Below are the lab results.







The entire situation is just comical. Shakib had every opportunity to come clean, rather than continuing to sell a blatently fake product. Note to self: when you have an industry expert who is the absolute authority on something, and he says he has ways to prove you’re scamming customers, you should probably believe him.


In 2013, Shakib stated the following in an interview for BJJToday.Net: “That’s when I found a hole in the Jiu Jitsu market… There were no hemp gis!” Really Shakib? None? Strange. Because Datsusara started doing this 5 years earlier. How could you have not known about the actual original innovator in the market you’re trying to branch into?


In the end, Shakib has admitted that his products don’t contain hemp – though he is claiming that he didn’t know it and that he was tricked by the factory. Time will tell, though – inbound shipping slips are easily obtainable and we’ll see if he imported his products as “hemp” or “cotton”. Rumor on the street is that Shakib and Submission FC knew the entire time there was never any hemp in their products and continued to intentionally deceive their customers. More news to come as the story develops.



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