Everything you need to make your ACADEMY OR BRAND even better.

Can you imagine if you had a large number of well known, highly successful experts in the field to teach you how to run your gym better and attract more students to your academy? With the Fight Summit program, you do.

Fight Summit has helped thousands of martial arts academies excel since 2009, and is the only program that is specialized for MMA, BJJ, and modern combat sports academies. Its the program that the combat sports industry has rallied behind for years, bringing together a whos-who list of industry experts and leading coaches to teach academy owners like you how to succeed.

There is no hocus pocus or empty promises - just proven, valuable business education for anyone looking to open their own academy or for existing academies who want to leverage more results.

Its very simple: the program works by publishing weekly business training and coaching concept videos on our website. Think of it as a members-only video library for academy and gym owners, with new content constantly being added. Each video is instructed by a top expert, making sure the content is relevant, proven, and really helps you out. Members also gain other perks like product discounts and a forum to collaborate and share ideas.

Fight Summit offers a powerful yet surprisingly low-cost method to take your school to a new level. You spend money on mats, equipment, insurance, rent, and staff - isn't it time to invest in a program to help increase your business?

Who's involved

“plus over twenty others and more added monthly!”

  • Blayne Barlow Blayne Barlow CTRL Industries
  • Paul Reavlin Paul Reavlin Revgear
  • Marco Morales Marco Morales A. Silva MTC
  • Griffin Conway Griffin Conway Art Of Jiu Jitsu
  • Dave Vautrin Dave Vautrin Throwdown
  • Firas Zahabi Firas Zahabi Tristar MMA
  • Bruce Buffer Bruce Buffer UFC
  • Ed Soares Ed Soares Blackhouse
  • Rich Chou        Rich Chou RVCA
  • Kenny Johnson Kenny Johnson Blackhouse
  • Bear Quitugua Bear Quitugua Shoyoroll
  • Duane Ludwig Duane Ludwig Alpha Male
  • Brian Cain Brian Cain BC Peak Performance
  • Scott Nelson Scott Nelson On The Mat
  • Jason Parillo Jason Parillo VA Sport Center
  • Dean Lister Dean Lister Victory MMA & Fitness
  • Orlando Sanchez Orlando Sanchez Gracie Barra
  • Alan Belcher Alan Belcher Alan Belcher MMA Club, top UFC contender
  • Jonathan Chaimberg Jonathan Chaimberg Adrenaline Performance Center
  • Tom Callos Tom Callos The 100 Method
  • Pascal Pakter Pascal Pakter Do Or Die Hyperfly
  • Don Saxby Don Saxby World Famous Gleasons Gym
  • Joe Mannino Joe Mannino Victory MMA & Fitness
  • Mike Constantino Mike Constantino AMA Fight Club
  • Cyrus Washington Cyrus Washington Dynamite Muay Thai

Membership details



    Two videos EACH week from the brightest in the business teaching you their keys to sucCess.


    Save money through our preferred brand network. Discounts on cages, mats, software, Apparel, and more.


    network with other industry pros, collaborate with brands, or find job opportunities.

  • matchmaking service

    connect with promoters and find local and national fight opportunities for your athletes.



  • Mike Velez, Jiu-Jitsu Magazine “The Fight Summit event is a must-attend in my book. It's an extremely cost effective way to network and spend some quality one-on-one time with like minded people. It's really a great opportunity to build professional or personal relationships. Which are both good for business and for the soul.” Mike Velez, Jiu-Jitsu Magazine
  • Rodrigo Galvanosi, Fearless Fighting “The Syndicate program is the best investment an MMA gym can make…an opportunity for all MMA businesses to get the greatest gift of all: knowledge! Fight Summit has created a much needed platform for the industry and I highly recommend that you get involved. ” Rodrigo Galvanosi, Fearless Fighting
  • Jacob “This is a must-do if you are a promoter, manager, fighter, apparel company or any other company taking part of a mixed martial arts or boxing. Education is the best way to improve your chances of success, and Fight Summit will take you there. ” Jacob "Stitch" Duran
  • MARK PAVELICH, MAXIMUM FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS “I believe theres a huge importance of being a part of Fight Summit if you're looking to be part of the MMA business world in any way. I truly believe this is a once in a lifetime experience to have all these experts in every field at your disposal.” MARK PAVELICH, MAXIMUM FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS